A Little Appreciation & A Little Excitement


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I am excited and a little appreciative too for the little beautiful surprises in life.  Today’s little beautiful surprise was our pond’s first bloomed water lily ever.

Maybe you are wondering what the big deal is to be excited about since it is just a water lily?  Yeah, there are plenty of water lilies in the world and this is one more.  This one, however, is one I put into my pond.  This one is not only the one I grew but the only one I’ve ever grown.  This is the water lily I’ve been waiting for since early spring and it has finally arrived.

Simple but very beautiful isn’t it?  I thought so too.  See, there is good reason to be appreciative and excited.


On my mind until…


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A set of words I often see and hear are:  “let it go” or “just forget about it for now will ya?”  Most often my mental response to that is “sure, I’d very much like to.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to no matter how much writing down or trying to set aside the thought I do.”  It’s there in the back of my mind sitting like a large lump of something hard and randomly prickly.  This thing is often something I can actively do nothing about other than wait for the outcome, which is not very active at all.  The very best I can do with it in the meantime is think about how I am going to react and what my alternative options are when the ball is back in my own court.  Maybe that’s constructive but it sure isn’t relieving.

There is no answer as far as I can tell other than tricks of the mind to get past the uncomfortableness of it by continually reminding myself that there really is nothing I can do about it at the moment and actively turning my mind to something I can do something about at the moment.  It’s a short run strategy of temporary distraction.  The only other alternative is to come to a decision to fully put it aside so that it no longer matters when or if there is ever a time when the ball is back in my own court and I can take action on it.  Whether or not the other person or person’s involved with it are still “working on it,” at that point doesn’t really matter because I’ve decided it’s been too long, the worry is too great, and my life is too short.  It is then, at least for me, a dead issue.  It is somewhat of an unsatisfactory conclusion but it is one that works, allowing me to now not just put it aside but to literally cut it out like a non-benign cancer, to keep me from being stuck in the same spot.

There may be better options or ways to deal with these things.  I haven’t encountered or learned them yet.  Maybe somewhere in the future I’ll find a better answer.  Until then, this is “how I roll.”

A Space Shuttle?


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It’s funny how dreams are and the odd things with the strange mixtures that show up in them.  They are often worth recording for that purpose alone.  What did my mind come up with last night that I might not ever have come up with while awake?

Last night it came up with an annoying space shuttle that was attached to my/our house/trailer/place of living thing.  It wasn’t our space shuttle.  It belonged to someone else but it was attached to our house.  The person to whom it belonged was going to come and get it but ended up going some place else far away and didn’t bother to communicate that until much later.  In the meantime, we had to move.  The house was apparently moveable because it came with us — along with the space shuttle attached to it.  A year, maybe two or more, later the person to whom the shuttle belonged called on the phone and expected everything to be as though nothing had happened.  “I can come get it now.”

When we expressed our anger at having to deal with this space shuttle attached to our house along with having to move especially with it, the person got upset.  It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t tell us that he wouldn’t detach it when we thought he was going to or maybe it was when he said he would?  I am not sure.  Anyway, he didn’t know what our problem was since he was now calling about it.  Shouldn’t we be happy?  With that, the dream ended.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have the sorts of dreams that seem to make no real sense but somehow work together in the dream where they make perfect sense.  Because (although I haven’t done the research to back this up with fact) most people have these types of dreams, I have difficulty understanding why they think they aren’t creative.  That’s your dream that came from your brain isn’t it?  You apparently can be creative since your brain is doing this stuff on its own.

Maybe we aren’t paying enough attention to the things our brains produce while we are asleep.  Maybe what happens then will direct us into knowing something new and compelling about ourselves.  Maybe we will see that we have an innate ability to be creative and an innate ability to be abstract.  The trick is pulling those things from the dream world into your real life.  It’s all there.  It just has to be accessed.  The road has to be found.

It’s just something to think about.


Good morning


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This is a short tale about my Yorkshire Terrier, Max, though I inevitably end up calling him Mr. Maxy because it’s more personal and he’s just darn cute.  It is also a tale about attitude.

In the mornings when Mr. Maxy wakes up, he stretches and rolls all over the bed like a little wild dog whose energy has been recharging all night long and has to be expended a bit before normal operation can occur.  After the rolling around, he makes sure he gets petted and then it’s a sprint off the bed to head outside to take a walk.  It’s a new day.  He has lots of new energy. Maybe today he’ll even find the animal who left the scent that he’s been tracking.  Hey, now, it’s possible!

In the mornings, I am not like Mr. Maxy.  I am not as springy, playful, and motivated to move as he is.  It usually takes me a big longer to get going.  That would probably be the case even if I did take a lesson from him and stretch and then roll around on the bed a bit before hopping out of bed for his walk.  But, I like his sentiments and in the mornings, he makes me smile.

I can’t say how many mornings Max has woken up and performed his little happy act.  I can say, however, that I think it is rubbing off a bit.  This morning, I didn’t quite hop out of bed and I didn’t quite roll around in it, but I did feel a good sense of happiness and I found myself looking forward to the days to come and all that attends them.

It’s nice to start the morning looking ahead and anticipating all the days to come.  There will be challenges and days that dip a little lower than others but I still look forward to them and anticipate some growth.

So here is the point in which I’d say thank you to Max for showing me how the day should be done.  Face it like you’ve never had a yesterday.


It’s Hard To Go Back


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It’s hard to go back.  On a recent camping trip I rediscovered something that I had forgotten.  We have a coffee maker we specifically use in our camper.  It is not the same kind as the one we have at home.  It’s one we picked up for cheap since it is not frequently used.

At home we have a Bunn.  It’s the kind that has the reservoir that holds and heats water so you get coffee coming as soon as you close the lid.  Quickly, your coffee is ready and waiting.

The one in the camper is not a Bunn.  I don’t know what kind it is but I will repeat:  it is not a Bunn.

It produces coffee, but it does not have a reservoir that holds and heats the water so that as soon as you close the lid, it starts doing its work producing drinkable coffee.

It is the old kind that we used to be perfectly happy with; the kind that you pour in the water, put the coffee in the filter and place it in the basket and wait for the water to heat and the coffee to make.  It is the old kind that you could walk away, take a shower and maybe fold some laundry, and come back to find the coffee maker on its last bursts of pressure squeezing out the last drops of coffee.

We used to be perfectly happy to have coffee no matter how long it took.  Now, not so much.

That’s the way it goes.  Once we have something that is faster and gives us what we want faster, it is extremely hard to go back to something that is not as fast.  The slower item grates on our nerves, makes us more irritable, and we start the day complaining.  “Is this the slowest coffee maker in the world or what?”  “Here’s your coffee, FINALLY.”

Yet, if we looked at it in another view, it could make us more appreciative of many things.  We could be much more appreciative of the faster Bunn.  We could also be much more thankful to those who had the minds and the abilities to improve coffee makers.  We could.

Maybe we are more appreciative when we get home for about a coffee pot or two filled with fast coffee.  That appreciation wears off quickly.  Then, we think:  maybe we should get a Bunn for the camper.

Teachable Moments…Geography & The Olympics


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Image Credit: David Castillo Dominici

As my sister and I were watching a snippet of the Olympic events taking place in London, she noticed the abbreviation CIV on the statistics.  She asked me if I knew what CIV stood for.  I had to admit that I didn’t know what CIV meant.  I could guess at the CI part (Cayman Islands, Canary Islands …) but the V part?  I had no idea.  I had to look it up to find out.  There is a listing of countries and their abbreviations here:  http://geography.about.com/od/countryinformation/a/olympiccodes.htm.

For a real learning moment:  ask yourself where the countries are on the list, see if you know, and go look it up to see if you were right.  If you’ve got kids and they are interested in the Olympics and you want to “expand their horizons,” here’s your chance to make a game of it.

So, what does CIV mean?  Cote D’Ivorie.  To those of us in the United States:  that’s the Ivory Coast in West Africa.

** The globe image by David Castillo Dominici can be found at:

Welcome Elders


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I didn’t realize that significantly older people were subscribing to my blog until recently so I’d like to welcome my elders. 

Elders are valuable for their life experience.  Some may not be up to speed on new things and some might have a solid “old fashioned” outlook which doesn’t exactly mesh with yours or mine, but some may surprise you and me with a perspective we’ve not considered before.

It’s good to be open to the old and the new.  It keeps one from being stuck in a  rut.

You have to have a passion


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Terminology often gets in the way.  People say you must have a passion.  Pick something to be passionate about. 

Maybe my mind exaggerates passion and places it into a pathological state akin to obsessive and even perhaps compulsive. When I thinks of having a passion I think it means that you have to pursue a hobby or activity to the exclusion of everything else.  It is the sole focus. Your mind can think of nothing else.

Perhaps I think of passion in those terms because of the sexual overtones contained within the word. With passion, you are driven to pursue at the exclusion of everything.  You get lost in the moment.  You can think of nothing else.  Time fades into the meaningless.  It is a temporary, yet powerful addiction-prone moment.

So when it comes to most things, I can’t say I am passionate about them although there are certain activities I do regularly and they may, at the time, utterly absorb my attention; I don’t pursue them to the exclusion of everything else.  Writing or journaling are long term activities for me.

I started journaling in elementary school.  With some starts and stops, it is an activity I’ve done for 30 years.  I don’t feel right when the words don’t come to me.  When they do after a Wordless spell, I feel relief.  Yet, I still would not say I am passionate about it.

My proclivity of exaggerating the word passionate may be a mistake.  Investing too much feeling into the word might be my undoing if society thrives on the profession of a passion for something.

Until the word is made clear and fully defined in its context, I remain passionless in my pursuits.


Accepting Familial Relationships & Their Significant Others


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At one point in time I did not understand why anyone would want to divorce themselves from their family (particularly immediate family).  Back then, family was everything and the only thing that was stable in my life.

Now, it is different.  Now, there are times that I do understand it.  I also understand why they might, at times, want to divorce themselves from me as well.  There is, however, no real separation ever from family.  You are born into whatever family you’re born into.  Your relatives will always be who they are and they will marry whomever they chose to marry and you’ll have to deal with them too.  There’s no changing that.

The best you can do is to accept them as they are with all of their many views and disagreements even if they can’t do that for you.  Find the place within yourself that lets the irritating things slide away.  You can’t control them but you can control your responses to them.