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Good morning!  That’s normally a begrudging statement I’d make with my eyes slitted and through gritted, grumpy teeth as I reached for a cup of coffee with the thought that maybe one cup will help to get me moving and more awake.

I would have invested in a company that made shirts that said “Not The Morning Person” with an arrow pointed up towards my face.  When I wore it, people who know me and either live or have lived with me would nod their heads indicating how true that statement is.

Today and almost most days now, they’d be surprised.  My good mornings aren’t snarl, snarl, yeah, sure, morning, snarl, snarl.  Although they probably also aren’t incredibly perky, cheerleader good mornings, they are reasonably positive and very much less ominous than the gritted teeth good mornings.

I’ve found a decent bed time, a decent bed time ritual, and a morning ritual to look forward to.  Add to that a list of a couple of things I absolutely want to get done or make some progress on.  Those few things add up to a more positive morning attitude and a sense for purposeful tomorrows.