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Why is it that at 2:00 am or some other wee hour in the middle of the night the best ideas come knocking on our brains?  Is it because we are so relaxed that we let our minds wander without judging what our minds are thinking?

Well, anyway, I mention it because it happened to me last night forcing me to get out of bed and search for my notebook that really should have been by my bed instead of on my desk. I was able to write several pages worth of notes as one idea lead to a series of ideas and questions to answer later.  I love how the unconscious mind works even if it is sneakily behind the scenes.  As much as I love it, though, I wish that it would pop up with its ideas at a more convenient time instead of when I should be sleeping.

As I said, I wrote several pages one idea leading to the next and the same with questions.  Content that I had gotten it all out, I put the notebook down and turned off the lights to sleep.  Just as I was falling a sleep one more thought popped into my mind but I was too sleepy to get up again and write it down.  Instead I thought to myself, I’ll remember this thought for tomorrow which usually wouldn’t work but this morning after searching my brain for a bit I did eventually remember.

It was a bit of encouragement to myself that I thought I might share with you so that you might be encouraged too.  To explain it, I’ll have to start by asking you if you’ve ever encountered a difficulty that when you mention it to someone they look at you like you are a tad off?  If you haven’t (which I seriously doubt), it happens to me sometimes quite often.

My mind reminded me that because I see a problem or encounter a problem but no one else recognizes it as a problem doesn’t mean that it isn’t a problem and that it won’t become a problem that others recognize.  Nor does it mean that others haven’t encountered the same thing.  I’m just not asking the right people (those who haven’t had that particular encounter — YET).

I have to admit, my brain was telling me something good.  Now, I’m telling you what my brain was telling me.  Remember it, it might help you feel better sometime.