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In my various internet wanderings, I came across on Apartment Therapy an article, a short video and some pictures about David Byrne, himself, and his studio.  As a kid in jr. high watching MTV, I watched David Byrne and The Talking Heads videos.  In my 30s I rediscovered him and his music and found I could appreciate him much more than I did as a kid.  Finding this article and seeing his studio today was a real treat.

If you follow this link and watch the videos:  http://www.thefader.com/2009/05/27/slideshow-david-byrne-takes-us-on-a-guided-tour-of-his-insane-office-part-i/, you’ll understand when I say that I want to walk across his guitar pedal platform.  You may not, however, understand why I think that it is so fantastic that he made something like this or his pictures of chairs brought to life.  Yet, I do.

His whole studio is fantastic.  He has surrounded himself with meaningful things each with a story behind them from others and items he’s made himself.  There is a life there in each of those things.

There is a man who has spread out and not stuck with one thing.  There is a man who seems to have been simply who he is.

I think it’s great.  In the way he has represented himself in that room and in the items and projects he’s done to create that collection is fantastic.  Go David.  Keep on doing you and thanks for the music and the peek into your life.