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It’s funny how dreams are and the odd things with the strange mixtures that show up in them.  They are often worth recording for that purpose alone.  What did my mind come up with last night that I might not ever have come up with while awake?

Last night it came up with an annoying space shuttle that was attached to my/our house/trailer/place of living thing.  It wasn’t our space shuttle.  It belonged to someone else but it was attached to our house.  The person to whom it belonged was going to come and get it but ended up going some place else far away and didn’t bother to communicate that until much later.  In the meantime, we had to move.  The house was apparently moveable because it came with us — along with the space shuttle attached to it.  A year, maybe two or more, later the person to whom the shuttle belonged called on the phone and expected everything to be as though nothing had happened.  “I can come get it now.”

When we expressed our anger at having to deal with this space shuttle attached to our house along with having to move especially with it, the person got upset.  It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t tell us that he wouldn’t detach it when we thought he was going to or maybe it was when he said he would?  I am not sure.  Anyway, he didn’t know what our problem was since he was now calling about it.  Shouldn’t we be happy?  With that, the dream ended.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have the sorts of dreams that seem to make no real sense but somehow work together in the dream where they make perfect sense.  Because (although I haven’t done the research to back this up with fact) most people have these types of dreams, I have difficulty understanding why they think they aren’t creative.  That’s your dream that came from your brain isn’t it?  You apparently can be creative since your brain is doing this stuff on its own.

Maybe we aren’t paying enough attention to the things our brains produce while we are asleep.  Maybe what happens then will direct us into knowing something new and compelling about ourselves.  Maybe we will see that we have an innate ability to be creative and an innate ability to be abstract.  The trick is pulling those things from the dream world into your real life.  It’s all there.  It just has to be accessed.  The road has to be found.

It’s just something to think about.