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This is a short tale about my Yorkshire Terrier, Max, though I inevitably end up calling him Mr. Maxy because it’s more personal and he’s just darn cute.  It is also a tale about attitude.

In the mornings when Mr. Maxy wakes up, he stretches and rolls all over the bed like a little wild dog whose energy has been recharging all night long and has to be expended a bit before normal operation can occur.  After the rolling around, he makes sure he gets petted and then it’s a sprint off the bed to head outside to take a walk.  It’s a new day.  He has lots of new energy. Maybe today he’ll even find the animal who left the scent that he’s been tracking.  Hey, now, it’s possible!

In the mornings, I am not like Mr. Maxy.  I am not as springy, playful, and motivated to move as he is.  It usually takes me a big longer to get going.  That would probably be the case even if I did take a lesson from him and stretch and then roll around on the bed a bit before hopping out of bed for his walk.  But, I like his sentiments and in the mornings, he makes me smile.

I can’t say how many mornings Max has woken up and performed his little happy act.  I can say, however, that I think it is rubbing off a bit.  This morning, I didn’t quite hop out of bed and I didn’t quite roll around in it, but I did feel a good sense of happiness and I found myself looking forward to the days to come and all that attends them.

It’s nice to start the morning looking ahead and anticipating all the days to come.  There will be challenges and days that dip a little lower than others but I still look forward to them and anticipate some growth.

So here is the point in which I’d say thank you to Max for showing me how the day should be done.  Face it like you’ve never had a yesterday.