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It’s hard to go back.  On a recent camping trip I rediscovered something that I had forgotten.  We have a coffee maker we specifically use in our camper.  It is not the same kind as the one we have at home.  It’s one we picked up for cheap since it is not frequently used.

At home we have a Bunn.  It’s the kind that has the reservoir that holds and heats water so you get coffee coming as soon as you close the lid.  Quickly, your coffee is ready and waiting.

The one in the camper is not a Bunn.  I don’t know what kind it is but I will repeat:  it is not a Bunn.

It produces coffee, but it does not have a reservoir that holds and heats the water so that as soon as you close the lid, it starts doing its work producing drinkable coffee.

It is the old kind that we used to be perfectly happy with; the kind that you pour in the water, put the coffee in the filter and place it in the basket and wait for the water to heat and the coffee to make.  It is the old kind that you could walk away, take a shower and maybe fold some laundry, and come back to find the coffee maker on its last bursts of pressure squeezing out the last drops of coffee.

We used to be perfectly happy to have coffee no matter how long it took.  Now, not so much.

That’s the way it goes.  Once we have something that is faster and gives us what we want faster, it is extremely hard to go back to something that is not as fast.  The slower item grates on our nerves, makes us more irritable, and we start the day complaining.  “Is this the slowest coffee maker in the world or what?”  “Here’s your coffee, FINALLY.”

Yet, if we looked at it in another view, it could make us more appreciative of many things.  We could be much more appreciative of the faster Bunn.  We could also be much more thankful to those who had the minds and the abilities to improve coffee makers.  We could.

Maybe we are more appreciative when we get home for about a coffee pot or two filled with fast coffee.  That appreciation wears off quickly.  Then, we think:  maybe we should get a Bunn for the camper.