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At one point in time I did not understand why anyone would want to divorce themselves from their family (particularly immediate family).  Back then, family was everything and the only thing that was stable in my life.

Now, it is different.  Now, there are times that I do understand it.  I also understand why they might, at times, want to divorce themselves from me as well.  There is, however, no real separation ever from family.  You are born into whatever family you’re born into.  Your relatives will always be who they are and they will marry whomever they chose to marry and you’ll have to deal with them too.  There’s no changing that.

The best you can do is to accept them as they are with all of their many views and disagreements even if they can’t do that for you.  Find the place within yourself that lets the irritating things slide away.  You can’t control them but you can control your responses to them.