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I’ve been playing around with different mind mapping software.  I’ve found two to be quite useful:  mindjet and the brain.  For me, mindjet seems more serious and less playful.  Maybe that is because I just haven’t used it long enough and haven’t attached all the bells and whistles I could attach.  Right now, I am using it for documentation.  The brain software seems more playful and creative to me.  I use that for brainstorming and creativity.  It is the mind mapping software that I have used the most over the years.  I am much more familiar with it.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an application that works with my phone or as far as I can tell any phone.

I’ve been working on a mind map about online addiction.  The things I’ve found have been interesting and I’d like to share them with you.  This map, I am sure, isn’t complete and will go through several revisions.  It is a useful reminder and check for myself about how I am using my time.  I hope you find it helpful too.

If you care to peek, you may see the full, expanded, map here:  online addiction pic.  You may download it with your existing mindjet software or with a free trial of mindjet software. Click on the link to save it and open it in mindjet: online addition map.