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This is my first chronodex notebook inspired by Patrick Ng, author of blog Scription.  It’s home made.  I made this by printing pages of Patrick’s chronodex template, making little booklets of six 8 1/2 x 11 pages, and sewing them together to be covered with, in this case, cardboard and fabric from a fabric supply store with glue.  Before I started gathering my materials, I did a search on Google and YouTube for instructions on how to make your own notebook.  I found a lot of helpful instructions.

Patrick explains the chronodex on his blog.  Basically, it is a circle representing 24 hours.  You fill it in with your schedule so you can see where your time is spent quickly and easily (especially if you use colors).  I think it will be good for establishing my new and improved regular routine and for making adjustments with my time.


Patrick also has some great pictures and other projects on his blog that you should check out if you’re interested in this.  He’s had more time to practice making his chronodex and using it.  He’s also made a chronodex stamp that’s pretty cool too.

I say that it mine isn’t that bad for my first attempt and I’m sure as I make more, I’ll get better at it.  Until the next better one, I’m going to enjoy this one.  Maybe later, I’ll post some filled in pages.