I am posting this because I had someone link to my blog and it made me realize that I really do need to do a little explaining about the blog.  That person’s blog was a religious blog about how God can deliver you from evil.  It was a response to my post about evil.  I accepted the link and you can go there and look for yourself to see how God can deliver you from evil and all sorts of other things if you’d like to.

I have had others post comments to this blog about wholistic foods or wholistic living too.  I accepted those as well.  You are also welcome to follow those types of links if you want to.

Having said that, here is what you need to know about this blog:

1.  Any links from this blog to other blogs do not constitute endorsement.

2.  Any acceptance of a comment or link does not constitute endorsement.

3.  Not all posts are meant to be taken literally.  I often write figuratively.  Whatever you take away from this blog is what you have decided to take away from this blog.  It is your interpretation.

4.  There is no agenda here.  I’m not trying to sell you anything or convince you of anything.  Some things on this blog will be posted for awareness purposes only.

Now that you know these things about this blog, you can freely decide to visit or not.  I, of course, would like you to visit every time I post and whenever the mood strikes you.  I welcome comments too.  That is up to you.  There will be no hounding or bullying here.