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We grow mint, along with other herbs, vegetables, and fruit, in our back yard.  For the most part, we use the mint for cooking — picking, washing, chopping or snipping it with a pair of kitchen scissors and adding it to salads, fruits, yogurt, finger foods and other snacks.

I’ve thought at various points in time that we don’t use the mint enough.  So, I started making mint tea (which is not really tea at all but rather an infusion).


I don’t make it or drink it all the time.  Tea is not my normal “go to” drink.  I am a coffee, espresso, double shot latte (no flavorings please) kind of person.  If I knew I could get away with it, I’d drink it all the time.  I can’t get away with it so I’ve tried finding alternatives to occasionally break the coffee streak.  Since we have so much mint, it has become part of my coffee swap out plan.

Occasionally, I make a cup of tea or two for myself late at night as a way to wind down and get ready for bed.  The tea varies.  However, I have found that mint tea with a light honey like orange blossom or acacia is a pleasant alternative or addition to other teas that I might make for myself.


Historically, it has it’s health benefits and I find that when my sinuses are particularly troublesome at night, the mint tea helps.  I suspect that it’s the steam from the hot tea that does the trick rather than the mint itself, but I’m not all that picky.

So, my current addition to the story of mint and how it has been a part of my life recently is that I now occasionally drink mint tea.  In the past, however, I have mixed fresh mint with sea salt or sugar and jojoba or sweet almond oil and used it as an addition to my bath or as a scrub in the shower.

Mint has an interesting effect.  In the mornings it can be an exhilarating scent that wakes you up.  In the evenings it can be either the exhilarating scent that keeps you going for a little longer or the comforting scent that sends you off to sleep.

And, as I use the mint — starting out with a little walk to the garden to pick a few shafts of mint, I can think about all of the people before me who turned to this cool green little leaf.  I find a bit of a break from what is going on today and the stresses that might lie there.