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It sounds conceited to say I put myself first. Yet, it is a goal I have to always say “me first.”  I came to decide on the “me first” policy when I thought about the advice given on airlines.  In the event of an emergency, an oxygen mask will fall down from the overhead compartment.  If you are with a child or someone who needs your assistance, put your oxygen mask on first.  Only after you have your oxygen mask fully in place should you turn to assist the person next to you who might need assistance as well.  The short version of this is:  it’s no good if you both die.  To raise the chances of you both surviving, put your oxygen mask on first.

I’m going to evaluate my state of being first.  I’m going to take care of myself first.  There may be a likely event that I don’t respond the way someone might expect me to.  I won’t turn anyone away but I may direct that person elsewhere — to the person who already has their oxygen mask on.